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Our passion is helping students reach their academic goals.
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At Centre Alpha, we offer a wide range of services that provide the student and family the flexibility to succeed. Our academic consultants are trained to develop the program best suited for each student by evaluating their needs and objectives.
Once a program has been developed, we work alongside parents to keep them informed of their child’s progression.

In addition to working with the students and the families, our Academic consultants can meet with the students teachers and principals, review the students performance, and ensure that the students’ programs are adapted to the academic requirements of the school.


Tutoring services are provided to students from high school and CÉGEP, in various school subjects.

Remedial Programs

The adapted remedial programs begin with a FREE evaluation in order to determine the student’s difficulties.

Homework Support

The school support program is designed to help elementary students complete their homework and prepare for exams.

High School Preparation

The High School Preparation program takes place in three parts: the diagnostic exam, the personalized review courses and the final simulation exam.

Ministry exams preparation

We offer ministry exams practices for elementary and high school students.

Summer Camp

Each summer we offer an educational camp where all children can learn while having fun!

Why choose Alpha

– Personalized approach

– Flexibility

– Communication with teachers

– No contract

– Limited ratio


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