Online Services

As of Wednesday March 18, take advantage of our different online services. Our goal is to help students continue to progress academically and keep their minds active during this difficult time.

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NEW - Virtual Classrooms

  • For students who currently do not have access to any school material
  • Key topics will be covered during each sessions
  • Students will grouped based on their grade level
  • Similar to classroom teaching but..
    • Students will be encouraged to participate: ask questions and make comments
  • Students will be given work to complete at home between classes

Online Tutoring

  • For high school students who school support (review material previously seen in class)
  • Support provided to answer questions and offer supplemental explanations
  • Same structure as tutoring program provided at the centre

Personnalized Online Classes

  • FREE Evaluation
  • Focused on students’ specific difficulties and needs
  • Adapted material provided to students during sessions
  • Homework and exercises assigned for home