Online Services

Take advantage of our different online services. Our web platform includes an interactive whiteboard, screen sharing and document sharing.

Virtual Classrooms

Our summer virtual classrooms are designed to help students review key concepts of the school year. Our goal is to ensure that students are ready for the upcoming school year. Opened to students from kindergarten to grade 6. 

Our summer classes begin June 29th and end August 21st. 

  • Fixed weekly schedule (Monday to Friday - 1 hour per day)
    • French (Monday and Wednesday)
    • Mathematics (Tuesday and Thursday)
    • English or Science (Friday)
  • Key topics will be covered during each sessions
  • Small groups (maximum of 6 students) 
  • Students are be encouraged to participate: ask questions and make comments
  • Students will be given work to complete at home between classes

Private Online Tutoring

Private classes are opened to students from all grade levels. We offer a FREE academic evaluation in order to determine the concepts that need to be reviewed with each child. 

  • Flexible schedule based on your availabilities
  • Focused on students’ specific difficulties and needs
  • Adapted material provided to students during session
  • Homework and exercises assigned for home (optional)
  • Classes offered for French, English, Mathematics, Sciences and History

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