Online Services

Take advantage of our different online services. Our goal is to help students continue to progress academically and keep their minds active during this difficult time.

Virtual Classrooms

  • Fixed weekly schedule (Monday to Thursday)
    • Kindergarten & Grade 1, 8:45-9:30am (45 minutes*)
    • Grade 2, 9:45-10:45am
    • Grade 3-4, 11am-12pm
    • Grade 5-6, 12:45-1:45pm
  • Key topics will be covered during each sessions (2 hours of French/English, 2 hours of Math)
  • Students are be encouraged to participate: ask questions and make comments
  • Students will be given work to complete at home between classes

Private Online Tutoring

  • For high school students who school support (review material previously seen in class)
  • Support provided to answer questions and offer supplemental explanation
  • Focused on students’ specific difficulties and need
  • Adapted material provided to students during session
  • Homework and exercises assigned for home

MEES Workshops - FREE

  • 30-minute weekly workshops
  • Activities inspired by the ressources provided by the Ministy of Education and Higher Education
  • Hosted by a qualified Alpha tutor

Alpha Workshops

  • Fun and creative workshops on different themes
  • 45-minute workshops on Firdays
  • Voluntary contribution of 10$ per workshop


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